Bereaved Families Call for Legal Changes as Serial Baby Killer Lucy Letby Expected to Avoid Sentencing Appearance


The impending sentencing of neonatal nurse Lucy Letby, found guilty of murdering seven babies and attempting to murder six others, has sparked calls for legislative amendments. Families affected by prominent murder cases are demanding a new law that mandates criminals to face justice in person, as Letby is predicted to shun her sentencing, leaving bereaved families disheartened.

Absence of Convicted Nurse Raises Concerns:

Lucy Letby’s sentencing, scheduled for today, has brought attention to the issue of criminals avoiding court appearances. Letby, a neonatal nurse convicted of heinous crimes against infants, is expected to evade attending her own sentencing. This development has ignited a push for legal reforms that would oblige criminals, especially those involved in high-profile cases, to be physically present during their court hearings.

Grieving Families Advocate for Change:

Relatives of victims from notable murder cases, including Olivia Pratt-Korbel and Elle Edwards, who was tragically shot in Merseyside last year, have spoken out against Letby’s anticipated absence. They have labeled this avoidance as both an “insult” and “disrespectful.” These bereaved families are united in their demand for an alteration in the law, urging that criminals be compelled to confront the consequences of their actions by facing the families of their victims.

A Personal Connection to Justice:

Olivia Pratt-Korbel’s mother expressed her shock and dismay upon realizing that her daughter’s murderer could choose whether or not to appear in court. Having spent weeks preparing impact statements, the absence of the perpetrator from the courtroom added to the family’s pain. Olivia’s mother highlights the necessity for criminals like Letby to personally witness the anguish they have caused to better understand the gravity of their actions.

Support for Change Grows:

The campaign for legal change has garnered support from various quarters. The father of Elle Edwards, who fell victim to a shooting on Christmas Eve, echoes the sentiment that killers must confront the pain they have inflicted on victims’ families. He believes that facing the consequences firsthand can potentially lead perpetrators to recognize the magnitude of their crimes.

The Call for Accountability:

Multiple bereaved families, united by their harrowing experiences, advocate for legislation that would ensure criminals, particularly those convicted of severe offenses, are not allowed to evade facing the repercussions of their actions. They emphasize that criminals must be held accountable for their deeds and must witness the profound impact they have on the lives of those they have affected.

Government Responds to Calls:

Sky News understands that the government is considering revising the law to compel criminals to appear in court, prompted by the events surrounding the Letby trial. The Ministry of Justice acknowledges the concern raised by victims and their families when criminals opt to stay away from courtrooms during sentencing. The ministry source affirms the government’s commitment to altering the law to ensure that offenders are held responsible for their actions.


As the case of Lucy Letby unfolds and the issue of criminals avoiding court appearances gains prominence, grieving families affected by heinous crimes unite in their demand for legal reforms. The absence of Letby from her sentencing has amplified calls for legislation that would make it obligatory for criminals to personally face the families of their victims during court proceedings. The government’s response to these concerns reflects a commitment to upholding justice and ensuring that victims’ voices are heard.

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