Google’s 25-Year Journey: 15 Fascinating Facts


Google, the tech giant that turned “Googling” into a verb, celebrates its 25th anniversary on September 4. While we all know and use Google daily, there’s a trove of intriguing facts behind this internet behemoth that may surprise you. Let’s dive into 15 remarkable tidbits about Google’s history and evolution.

1. Founding Friendship

Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google’s founders, first met at Stanford University in 1995. Their friendship laid the groundwork for the world’s most influential search engine.

2. From Backrub to Google

Originally named “Backrub,” Google adopted its iconic moniker, a play on the mathematical term “Googol” (1 followed by 100 zeros).

3. Garage Origins

Google’s inaugural office was Susan Wojcicki’s Menlo Park garage. She was employee #16 and now serves as YouTube’s CEO.

4. Ethical Motto

Google’s initial motto was “Don’t be evil,” later evolving to “Do the right thing” after corporate restructuring in 2015.

5. Lego Servers

Google’s first server was an inventive Lego creation, designed to accommodate the growing need for disk space in 1996.

6. The First Doodle

In 1998, Google’s inaugural Doodle appeared at the Burning Man festival, initially a playful holiday update for Google employees.

7. Oxford English Dictionary Entry

Google became an official verb in 2006, defined as “using the Google search engine to find information on the internet.”

8. Gmail’s April Fools’ Surprise

Gmail was introduced on April 1, 2004, initially dubbed “Caribou” and believed to be an April Fools’ joke.

9. YouTube Acquisition

Google acquired YouTube just a year after its launch in 2005, originally conceived as a video dating site.

10. Quirky Employee Titles

Google employees are called “Googlers.” New hires are “Nooglers,” while former employees are “Xooglers.”

11. The Googleplex

Google’s headquarters, the “Googleplex,” covers 4 million square feet and even boasts its own zip code.

12. The Dog That Started It All

Yoshka, a Leonberger owned by a Google engineer, initiated the company’s dog-friendly office trend.

13. A Focus on Moonshots

In 2019, Larry Page and Sergey Brin stepped down from their day-to-day roles to concentrate on ambitious projects like AI and self-driving cars.

14. Google Maps Diplomatic Incident

Google Maps triggered a potential conflict in 2010 when a Nicaraguan official entered Costa Rica, relying on Google’s mapping, leading to border disputes worldwide.

15. Wifi Sniffing Scandal

In 2019, Google admitted its Street View cars unintentionally gathered personal web activity data from domestic wifi networks since 2007.

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