How the Heatwave Could Impact Your Internet Signal


As the scorching heatwave continues to sweep across the United Kingdom, it’s not just sunscreen and hydration that you need to worry about. The prolonged heatwave may also wreak havoc on your WiFi signal, particularly if your router is left exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods.

Rising Temperatures Pose a Threat

With temperatures consistently hovering around the 30°C mark in recent days, and the hot weather forecasted to persist through the weekend, September is delivering one final blast of summer. However, this surge in heat has prompted a cautionary message from Virgin Media, urging residents to take precautions to safeguard their broadband connectivity.

Virgin Media’s Warning

In a statement on its website, Virgin Media emphasizes the importance of maintaining a cooler environment for your broadband router. The message is clear: to ensure uninterrupted internet services, positioning your router wisely is paramount.

Virgin Media’s advisory reads, “You want your technology to operate smoothly and perform what it does best at all times of the year. A dependable broadband connection at home ensures that you won’t miss any recordings, improves connectivity for work and pleasure, and allows you to download quickly before leaving the house. However, that does not imply that you should conceal the hub behind your television or in a cabinet.”

No Widespread Issues Reported, but Precautions Advised

While Virgin Media states that there have been no widespread issues reported with its routers due to the heatwave, the company has proactively shared a series of “top tips for a strong, reliable connection this summer.” Their advice underscores the importance of ensuring your router remains within an optimal operating temperature range.

The company elaborates, “Your connection can slow down or perhaps stop completely if the hub overheats. A hub that is positioned well may have a wider WiFi range.”

Understanding the Issue

WiFi routers, much like other electronic devices, generate heat during operation. Excessive heat can lead to performance problems. Therefore, it is crucial to place your router in a cool, shaded area. However, it should not be concealed behind larger pieces of furniture, such as cupboards or units, which might obstruct the signal.

Additional Cooling Measures

For those seeking an extra cooling solution, positioning your router in the path of a fan’s airflow could help maintain its optimal temperature.


As the heatwave lingers, it’s essential to consider the well-being of your broadband router to ensure uninterrupted internet connectivity. Virgin Media’s guidance, though precautionary, serves as a valuable reminder of the impact weather conditions can have on our daily technology use.

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