Les Dennis Reveals His Decision to Join Strictly Come Dancing

Les Dennis, the former host of Family Fortunes, has shared his reasons for finally agreeing to take part in the hit show Strictly Come Dancing.

Timing Is Everything

Despite being linked to Strictly in the past, Dennis had never committed to the show until now. He explained that it was the BBC’s most recent offer that convinced him to make his ballroom debut.

“It was an immediate ‘yes’ this time,” Dennis recalled. “I was asked once before but couldn’t do it because I was still in Corrie.”

A Health Wake-Up Call

Dennis also recently spoke about a health scare that profoundly impacted his life a few years ago. During this time, he had to miss extended periods of his touring stage show due to laryngitis and a pre-diabetic diagnosis.

“It has made me take responsibility for my own health,” he revealed to The Sun. “Being an older dad, I want to be there for my kids. I want to be here when I am 100. They are the most important thing to me. I have to fulfill the responsibility to my kids.”

Les Dennis’s decision to join Strictly Come Dancing comes as a combination of timing and a newfound focus on his health.

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