Prison Inmates Release Guards and Police After 57 Taken Hostage in Ecuador

In a harrowing ordeal lasting over 24 hours, criminal groups in Ecuador have released 50 guards and seven police officers who were held hostage across six different prisons. The incident is a stark response to the government’s ongoing efforts to regain control of several major correctional facilities in the South American nation.

Hostages Now Safe

Authorities have confirmed that all hostages are now safe, according to the organization responsible for overseeing Ecuador’s prisons. However, the circumstances surrounding their release remain unclear.

Ongoing Wave of Violence

This hostage situation comes on the heels of a series of violent attacks, escalating throughout the week. On Friday, criminal groups used explosives to damage a key bridge, marking the latest incident in this disturbing trend.

Government Response

Government officials have attributed these violent acts to criminal gangs with incarcerated members reacting to authorities’ attempts to reassert control in various facilities. These efforts include relocating inmates, seizing weapons, and implementing other security measures.

Unprecedented Explosions

Over the course of less than 48 hours, Ecuador experienced four car bombings and three explosive devices detonating across the country, with two bridges targeted in the process.

Security Expert Analysis

Renowned security analyst Daniel Ponton has characterized these events as a “systematic and clearly planned” attack. He asserts that this alarming chain of events, occurring just three weeks after the assassination of presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio, underscores the perceived ineffectiveness of the state in preventing such acts of violence.

This ongoing situation raises serious concerns about the security and stability of Ecuador, prompting authorities to intensify their efforts to address these issues.

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