Thousands to Receive Free Help with Attendance Allowance Claims

Age Scotland offers informative workshops to assist in claiming state pension age benefits.

Age Scotland, a charitable organization dedicated to supporting older individuals, is launching free workshops designed to simplify the process of claiming state pension age benefits, including Attendance Allowance. These one-hour workshops, titled “Attendance Allowance: Completing the Form,” aim to equip attendees with valuable information, strategies, and tips to navigate the often complex application process with ease.

Streamlining Benefit Claims

Age Scotland’s workshops are open to individuals applying for benefits on their own behalf or on behalf of others. The initiative seeks to raise awareness about various benefits that provide crucial support to older adults, such as Pension Credits, Attendance Allowances, Carer’s Allowances, Housing Benefits, and Council Tax Reductions.

Reaching Scotland’s Aging Population

With approximately 1.07 million people of state pension age in Scotland, there remains a significant number of eligible households, estimated at 120,000, not claiming Pension Credit—a benefit intended to bolster the income of the most financially vulnerable pensioners. This additional support not only enhances state pension levels but also opens doors to further assistance, including council tax reduction, housing benefits, and other financial aid, potentially amounting to thousands of pounds in additional annual income for low-income pensioners.

Raising Awareness for Unclaimed Support

Katherine Crawford, Interim CEO of Age Scotland, emphasized the importance of these workshops in promoting awareness and encouraging greater uptake of support programs. She stated, “When they might be significantly improving the lives of elderly individuals on low incomes, vital financial assistance programs like Attendance Allowance, Council Tax Reduction, and Pension Credit frequently go unclaimed. It’s crucial to increase awareness of this service and urge more people to use it.”

Empowering Older Individuals

Age Scotland’s training sessions cover essential aspects of social security payments relevant to older individuals, equipping them with the knowledge and confidence needed to access the support they are entitled to. The workshops provide insight into the rules governing benefits, guidance on the claims process, and strategies for addressing potential issues that may arise.

Convenient Online Workshops

These informative workshops are accessible online via the free Microsoft Teams application. To participate, attendees will require a laptop, computer, tablet, or smartphone and a reliable internet connection. Registration for these sessions is available through Eventbrite, with joining instructions sent 24 hours prior to the scheduled workshop.

For those seeking assistance with Attendance Allowance and other state pension age benefits, Age Scotland’s workshops promise to be an invaluable resource, empowering older individuals and their advocates to navigate the complex landscape of social security entitlements with confidence.

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