Unveiling the Healthiest and Least Healthy UK Areas: New Study Reveals Scores


In a comprehensive study conducted by health and wellness authority bluehorizonbloodtests.co.uk, a spotlight has been cast on the considerable diversity in the quality of life and general health across different cities in the United Kingdom.

Key Determinants

The research delved into crucial aspects of well-being, forming a basis to assign a quantitative score out of 100 to each area. The parameters assessed included Air Quality, Impact of Smoking, Dietary Patterns, Nuanced Role of Mental Health, Significance of Physical Activity, and the Prevalence of Obesity.

Healthiest Enclaves

Claiming the top position is South Hams, nestled along Devon’s southern coastline, boasting an impressive score of 80 out of 100. The population’s habit of consuming at least five portions of fruits and vegetables daily reached a commendable 67.5%. Furthermore, an overwhelming 76.3% of residents engage in regular physical activity.

South Lakeland, following closely with an overall score of 78.1 out of 100, revels in high air quality and remarkably low instances of kidney and liver diseases, affecting a mere 0.6% of its populace.

Challenges in Health

Conversely, Peterborough emerges as the least healthy area, registering a modest score of 40 out of 100. The city faces air quality concerns and confronts a concerning statistic: approximately 60.7% of its population grapples with a BMI categorized as overweight or obese.

Least Healthy Areas in 2023

The list of UK’s least healthy areas in 2023 is as follows:

  1. Peterborough (Score: 40)
  2. Gosport (Score: 50.9)
  3. Portsmouth (Score: 52.1)
  4. Liverpool (Score: 52.6)
  5. Kingston upon Hull (Score: 53.5)
  6. Knowsley (Score: 54.4)
  7. Gloucester (Score: 54.8)
  8. Blackpool (Score: 55.2)
  9. Nottingham (Score: 55.9)
  10. Great Yarmouth (Score: 56.5)

Healthiest Areas in 2023

On the flip side, the most healthful areas in the UK, according to the study, include:

  1. South Hams (Score: 80)
  2. South Lakeland (Score: 78.1)
  3. The Derbyshire Dales (Score: 76.3)
  4. Eden (Score: 76.2)
  5. Richmondshire (Score: 76.1)
  6. Royal Tunbridge Wells (Score: 75.5)
  7. Richmond upon Thames (Score: 75.3)
  8. Sevenoaks (Score: 75.3)
  9. Waverley (Score: 75.1)
  10. Harrogate (Score: 75)


The latest study lays bare the contrasting health landscapes woven across the UK’s urban fabric. These findings emphasize the crucial role of lifestyle choices, environmental factors, and community support in shaping the well-being of citizens. As we scrutinize the healthiest and least healthy areas, it becomes evident that a collective effort is essential to uplift the nation’s overall health index.

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