Cyber Attack Delays London School’s Reopening

Highgate Wood Secondary School in Haringey, London, has been compelled to postpone the return of its students to the classroom by a week due to a cyber attack. The incident disrupted the school’s access to crucial systems, necessitating this delay.

Delayed Reopening

Originally scheduled to commence the new academic year on September 5, the school’s reopening has been pushed back to September 11 as a result of the cyber attack. The school serves students aged 11 to 16 in the Crouch End area.

No Data Breach

Fortunately, it has been confirmed that no data breach occurred during the cyber attack, according to reports from GB News. Haringey Council promptly reported the incident to relevant cyber security authorities, including Action Fraud, for further investigation.

Isolated Incident

Haringey Council stated, “No other schools in Haringey have been affected by this cyber attack,” underscoring that the incident appears to be isolated to Highgate Wood Secondary School.

School’s Response

Headteacher Patrick Cozier addressed parents via email, expressing regret for any disruption caused and thanking them for their patience and support during this challenging time. He also reassured them, saying, “Having carried out investigations, we are extremely confident that our data has not been breached.”

Assistant headteacher Tristan Ashman confirmed the legitimacy of the email, as reported by local news outlets. However, it has been acknowledged that a system rebuild is necessary to prevent any potential future threats.

School’s Profile

Highgate Wood Secondary School is responsible for the education of approximately 1,500 pupils.

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