India Achieves Historic Moon Landing at South Pole: First Image Revealed Chandrayaan-3


India has marked a monumental achievement with the successful landing of the Chandrayaan-3 mission near the moon’s south pole. A remarkable feat that has captured global attention, this pioneering mission has already unveiled its first image of the uncharted lunar landscape.

First Glimpse of the South Pole

Mere hours after its historic landing, India’s Chandrayaan-3 mission released the inaugural photograph taken from the Vikram lander. This significant achievement not only showcases India’s technological prowess but also provides an unprecedented view of the moon’s surface.

Unveiling the Lunar Landscape

The photograph, captured by the Vikram lander’s camera, depicts a grainy yet captivating shot of the moon’s surface. The image reveals one of the lander’s legs along with its distinctive shadow. This snapshot was taken on a relatively flat portion of the lunar surface, as reported by the Indian Space Research Organisation.

A Land of Discoveries

This mission is groundbreaking not only due to its successful landing but also because it marks the first time any craft has ventured to the moon’s unexplored south pole. The image serves as the initial glimpse of this enigmatic terrain, holding the promise of a plethora of discoveries.

Unraveling Lunar Secrets

The Vikram lander’s upcoming objectives include analyzing the mineral composition of the lunar surface. Operating for an estimated two weeks, the mission aims to unravel the mysteries of the moon’s south pole, believed to be rich in valuable minerals.

Prime Minister’s Perspective

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who observed the landing from a BRICS summit in South Africa, hailed this achievement as a transformative moment for India. The mission’s success not only showcases India’s prowess in space exploration but also opens doors to new opportunities for resource exploration and utilization.

Potential Resource Bonanza

The moon’s south pole has captured the attention of space agencies worldwide, including NASA, due to indications of frozen water deposits. If confirmed, this discovery could offer an invaluable source of fuel, oxygen, and drinking water, transforming the possibilities of future space exploration.

Overcoming Challenges

The successful landing achieved by India is a testament to meticulous planning and technological ingenuity. In contrast, a recent lunar failure involving a Russian robot lander underscores the complexities and risks associated with space exploration.


India’s triumphant landing on the moon’s south pole marks a historic milestone in space exploration. The first image captured by the Chandrayaan-3 mission provides a tantalizing glimpse into uncharted territory and heralds a new era of scientific discoveries and possibilities.

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