iOS 17 Update Sparks Controversy: ‘End Call’ Button Gets a New Location

Apple’s upcoming iOS 17 update is causing a stir with a seemingly minor change that has already ignited heated discussions among iPhone users. Unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, iOS 17 introduces a slew of new features, including revamped call visuals, enhanced messaging features, and an intriguing “StandBy” mode. However, it’s a simple alteration to the ‘end call’ button that’s garnering significant attention.

Relocation of the ‘End Call’ Button:
Previously positioned in the center of the screen, the ‘end call’ button was a standalone element. This placement ensured ease of access and reduced the likelihood of accidental touches. However, in the iOS 17 beta, the button was shifted to the bottom-right corner, where it joined a cluster of other buttons. A subsequent update moved the button back to the middle of the bottom of the screen, yet it remained surrounded by other buttons.

User Controversy and Speculations:
This relocation has triggered a wave of discussions among users who were accustomed to the original button placement. The rationale behind grouping the buttons at the screen’s bottom seems to be to create more space for the new Contact Posters that appear during calls. The precise motive for Apple’s decision to shuffle and then reposition the button remains unclear.

Other Changes in iOS 17:
The ‘end call’ button upheaval is just one of several modifications within the Phone app of iOS 17. Additional alterations include customizable Contact Posters for call recipients, the option to leave messages for unanswered FaceTime calls, and a novel live voicemails feature that answers calls and transcribes spoken content.

Full Release and Upcoming iPhone 15 Launch:
iOS 17 is set to be officially released next month, right before the anticipated launch of the iPhone 15. Rumors surrounding the iPhone 15 suggest the replacement of the silent mode switch with a configurable “action button,” further enhancing user control over device functionality.

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