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Thailand’s newly appointed Prime Minister faced sharp criticism in Parliament today for what some lawmakers are calling a “vague” economic agenda. The Prime Minister, whose tenure began just last month, was put under scrutiny during a parliamentary session dedicated to discussing the government’s economic policies.

Lack of Clarity Draws Concern

Members of Parliament from various political parties expressed their concerns over the lack of clarity in the government’s economic plans. Many lawmakers argued that the economic agenda presented by the Prime Minister’s administration lacked specifics, making it difficult for them to gauge its potential impact on the country’s economy.

Opposition Raises Questions

The opposition party, in particular, voiced their reservations about the government’s economic vision. They pressed for more detailed explanations regarding key policy areas such as taxation, job creation, and economic growth. Several opposition MPs questioned the feasibility of the proposed agenda, citing potential challenges in its implementation.

Prime Minister’s Response

In response to the criticism, the Prime Minister assured Parliament that his administration was committed to addressing the nation’s economic challenges effectively. He acknowledged the need for further elaboration on specific policy measures and pledged to provide more comprehensive details in the coming weeks.

Call for Transparency and Accountability

While the Prime Minister’s commitment to transparency was welcomed by some lawmakers, others stressed the importance of accountability in the implementation of economic policies. Calls were made for regular updates to Parliament on the progress of economic initiatives.

Public Opinion

The debate in Parliament has also sparked public discussions, with citizens sharing their views on social media and in local forums. Many are calling for a clearer economic roadmap that addresses the pressing issues facing the country.

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