NASA’s UFO Study Group Provides Update: How to Watch

NASA’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) Research Team to Share Findings with the Public

NASA’s dedicated team of experts tasked with investigating Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs), formerly known as UFOs, is set to deliver a significant update on its ongoing work. This eagerly anticipated public briefing will take place at NASA’s headquarters in Washington D.C., commencing at 3 PM UK time today.

Awaiting the Comprehensive Report

Approximately 30 minutes before the briefing, NASA will release the team’s complete report online, allowing interested individuals worldwide to access valuable insights into their findings.

The Birth of NASA’s UAP Study Team

In June 2022, NASA established an “Independent Study Group” comprising 16 experts hailing from diverse fields, all focused on matters pertinent to the study of UFOs, now rebranded as UAPs. This team aims to guide NASA on prospective data collection methods, shedding light on the enigmatic nature and origins of these aerial phenomena.

A Scientific Perspective on UAPs

NASA’s interest in UAPs is grounded in the pursuit of scientific understanding. The space agency defines UAPs as “scientific observations of happenings in the sky that cannot be attributed to airplanes or recognized natural phenomena.” With numerous high-quality UAP sightings on record, definitive scientific conclusions remain elusive.

Where to Tune In

The NASA UAP briefing will be broadcast on NASA Television, accessible through the NASA app and the agency’s official website. Furthermore, the livestream will be available on NASA’s YouTube channel for worldwide viewership.

A Commitment to Transparency

From its inception, NASA emphasized the openness of its UAP study group. No classified military data is involved, and the initiative operates independently from similar groups within the US Department of Defense. NASA acknowledges the dual significance of unidentified aerial phenomena—pertaining to national security and air safety.

Advancing Our Understanding

Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA’s Science Mission Chief, affirmed the agency’s commitment to expanding our comprehension of the unknown. The nine-month study, estimated at approximately $100,000, follows the first public hearing on UFOs since the US Air Force disbanded its committee on the topic in 1970.

Watch NASA’s groundbreaking UAP update live and join the quest to unravel the mysteries of the skies.

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