Passenger’s Diarrhea Forces Emergency Landing of AUS-Bound Flight


In an unexpected turn of events, a Delta Airlines flight en route from Atlanta to Barcelona was compelled to make an emergency landing due to a passenger experiencing a severe bout of diarrhea, causing a rather unusual “biohazard issue” on board.

Flight Diversion

The Delta Airlines Airbus A350, carrying over 300 passengers, departed from Atlanta, Georgia, on a Friday evening destined for Spain. However, just hours into the journey, the flight had to divert back to its departure point due to unforeseen circumstances.

The Pilot’s Announcement

An audio transmission from the flight deck, which surfaced on the social media platform X, recorded the pilot’s explanation for the diversion: “This is a biohazard issue. We’ve had a passenger who has had diarrhea all the way through the airplane, so they want us to come back to Atlanta.”

Passenger Accounts

John Hurdt, one of the passengers on the flight, acknowledged the challenging situation and commended the actions taken, saying, “Turning around was the proper move on the part of the pilots. The carpet was torn out and replaced by the ground team. The attendants, the pilots, and the ground personnel all performed admirably given the circumstances.”

Another passenger shared their account on X, describing how the situation unfolded with diarrhea “dribbled down the aisle” and the unpleasant odor. They noted that even the use of vanilla-scented disinfectant failed to mask the smell. After the landing, a thorough cleaning process ensued, delaying the departure until around 2:30 a.m.

Delta Airlines’ Response

Delta Airlines issued a statement regarding the incident: “On September 1, Delta Flight 194 from Atlanta to Barcelona was forced to return to Atlanta due to a medical emergency. To deliver our consumers to their destination as fast and safely as possible, our personnel labored. We deeply regret the delay and difficulty it has caused to our customers’ travel arrangements.”


Ultimately, the flight landed back in Atlanta without any further incident on the subsequent day, Saturday, albeit more than eight hours behind schedule. This unusual occurrence serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of air travel and the importance of safety and hygiene protocols, even in the most unexpected situations.

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