Renowned Broadcaster Alastair Stewart Discloses Dementia Diagnosis


In a candid revelation, distinguished broadcaster Alastair Stewart has disclosed his diagnosis of dementia earlier this year. The 71-year-old journalist, known for his longstanding career in the media, shared the challenges he has faced since the diagnosis.

Details of Diagnosis:

Alastair Stewart began experiencing symptoms of dementia approximately six to nine months ago, primarily manifesting as disorientation during routine household tasks. Medical examinations, including scans, revealed a distressing truth: Stewart had suffered a series of strokes and was diagnosed with dementia. Remarkably, he had remained unaware of these strokes until his diagnosis.

Impact on Family:

The veteran broadcaster, speaking to GB News, candidly addressed the emotional toll his condition has taken on his family, particularly his wife of 44 years, Sally. Stewart expressed profound sadness at witnessing his life partner’s transformation into a caregiver, emphasizing the emotional upheaval this has caused.

“The thing I’ve found the most difficult thing to deal with is the impact it’s had on Sally,” Stewart shared empathetically.

Challenges and Coping Strategies:

Dementia has notably affected Alastair Stewart’s short-term memory and motor skills, prompting him to resort to the use of written notes as an aid to memory. He has also embarked on various strategies to alleviate the symptoms of the condition, including engaging in word puzzles, taking regular dog walks, and quitting smoking.

Illustrious Career:

Alastair Stewart enjoyed a distinguished career in journalism, serving as the main anchor for ITV News for an impressive 35 years before joining GB News in 2020. His retirement was announced earlier this year in March.

In the face of this life-altering diagnosis, Alastair Stewart’s courage in sharing his journey with dementia underscores the importance of raising awareness about the condition and its profound impact on individuals and their loved ones.

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