Spotify Unveils ‘Supermium’ HiFi Tier with Exciting Features

After a six-year wait, Spotify’s HiFi subscription tier, now known as ‘Supermium,’ is poised for launch, boasting a range of unprecedented features. A recent discovery in Spotify’s source code has shed light on what users can expect from this eagerly anticipated offering.

Innovative Features:

  • 24-Bit Lossless Audio: Supermium will offer subscribers the exceptional quality of 24-bit lossless audio, promising an unparalleled listening experience.
  • AI-Curated Playlists: Users can look forward to AI-curated playlists that intelligently categorize their music library by mood, activity, and genre, taking a page from Spotify’s successful Daylist playlist.
  • Beat-per-Minute Sorting: For DJs and playlist creators, Supermium introduces the ability to sort music by its beats per minute, enhancing the customization of playlists.
  • Audiobook Access: Spotify will grant users the opportunity to listen to up to 30 hours of audiobooks per month, providing a convenient alternative for avid audiobook consumers.

Pricing and Comparison:
The subscription fee for Supermium is reported to be $19.99 per month, although this figure may be provisional. Notably, this price point aligns with the premium service offered by Tidal, a key competitor in the high-quality audio streaming market.

User Adoption:
While the extent of user adoption for Supermium remains uncertain, it’s worth noting that Spotify currently boasts a subscriber base of approximately 220 million users. The allure of HiFi audio and DJ-centric features may well entice a substantial portion of this user base to upgrade, despite the higher cost.

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