T-Mobile Introduces New Revvl Devices, Including its First Android Tablet

In a recent announcement, T-Mobile has unveiled its latest additions to the Revvl lineup, encompassing smartphones and a debut Android tablet. This move is expected to expand the company’s affordable device offerings, catering to a range of consumer preferences and needs.

Revvl Tablet and Smartphone Details:

Revvl Tab 5G:
T-Mobile’s foray into the tablet realm is marked by the introduction of the Revvl Tab 5G. Positioned as a budget-friendly 5G option, this Android tablet is aimed at consumers seeking an accessible and versatile device. The tablet boasts a 10.36-inch FHD LCD display, featuring a resolution of 1200 x 2000 pixels. Although the refresh rate remains unspecified, indications point towards a standard 60Hz panel. Notably, the Revvl Tab 5G incorporates dual stereo speakers, enhancing the audio experience.

Under the hood, the tablet is powered by a MediaTek MTK5G-C chip, which shares similarities with the Dimensity 700, as pointed out by Anshel Sag, principal analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy. Coupled with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of expandable storage, the tablet offers a responsive and efficient performance.

Photography enthusiasts will find an 8MP camera positioned on both the front and rear of the tablet, accompanied by a 2MP depth sensor at the rear. The tablet is equipped with a sizable 7040mAh battery, ensuring extended usage periods without frequent recharges.

Revvl 6x and Revvl 6x Pro:
In conjunction with the tablet launch, T-Mobile has also introduced two new smartphones to the Revvl series: the Revvl 6x and the Revvl 6x Pro. These smartphones continue the tradition of providing budget-friendly options with a blend of features.

The Revvl 6x Pro retains familiar components from its predecessor, the Revvl 6 Pro. It features a 6.82-inch HD+ LCD display with a resolution of 1640 x 720 pixels, powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 700 chipset. The device is accompanied by 6GB of RAM and, notably, offers an upgraded internal storage of 256GB. Additionally, the smartphone includes a 50MP quad camera system and a 5000mAh battery, ensuring a balanced and capable user experience. The device ships with Android 13, a favorable aspect for users seeking the latest software.

The Revvl 6x variant, a step down from the Pro model, features a 6.51-inch LCD display. With a configuration of 4GB RAM and 128GB internal storage, this variant provides a more streamlined option. However, it omits an ultrawide camera and includes a 4500mAh battery, still promising ample usage time.

Availability and Pricing:

All three devices, namely the Revvl Tab 5G, Revvl 6x, and Revvl 6x Pro, are set to be available starting August 24. The Revvl Tab 5G, aimed at providing a cost-effective 5G tablet solution, is expected to retail for $199. Meanwhile, the Revvl 6x and Revvl 6x Pro smartphones will be offered at $199 and $229, respectively.

Additionally, T-Mobile is presenting enticing deals for those looking to expand their connectivity. The company is offering opportunities to obtain a free Revvl phone or tablet with the addition of a new line.

T-Mobile’s recent product launch showcases its commitment to catering to a diverse consumer base by offering affordable yet capable devices. The introduction of the Revvl Tab 5G and the Revvl 6x series not only bolsters T-Mobile’s device portfolio but also provides consumers with an array of options to choose from. As the technology landscape continues to evolve, T-Mobile’s latest additions contribute to the accessibility of advanced features for a wider audience.

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