TikTok Time Traveler Warns of Impending “Real-Life Purge” Following Global Power Outage


Eno Alaric, known as @radianttimetraveller on TikTok, claims to be a time traveler from the year 2671 and has issued a warning about a potential real-life “Purge” event set to unfold in October this year. This revelation comes in the wake of a global power outage.

Claims and Background:

Eno Alaric has garnered attention for his supposed insights into future events, amassing over 26,000 followers on TikTok. His previous predictions encompass twin planets colliding with Earth, alien encounters, and the outbreak of World War 3.

In his recent video, which has gained more than 2,200 likes, Alaric divulged a list of impending catastrophic events projected for October 2023. Citing the month as historically significant, he emphasized the gravity of these events.

Alleged October Events:

  • October 3: A meteor shower leads to an alien ship crash on Earth, releasing a hostile species causing havoc in major cities.
  • October 7: The James Webb Telescope spots a massive space creature devouring stars, raising concerns about its potential impact on our solar system.
  • October 15: A human-like civilization with telepathic abilities is discovered inside Mount Everest, sparking concerns about their intentions.
  • October 29: A potent solar flare triggers a worldwide power outage, resulting in a “Purge”-like scenario with a surge in crime that proves difficult to quell.

Public Reaction:

Reactions from TikTok viewers varied, with some debating the plausibility of the predictions. While one commenter anticipated an eventful Halloween, others expressed skepticism about the authenticity of time traveler predictions.

Notable Trends:

Eno Alaric is not the sole individual claiming foreknowledge of a “Purge” event in 2023. Last year, @timevoyaging on TikTok predicted T-rex eggs and dragons entering the global stage during a supposed “purge.”

Provocative Insights:

In another video, Eno Alaric ventured into more speculative territory, suggesting that parents could manipulate their offspring’s genetics to eliminate genetic conditions and alter appearances. He posited that such technology might become public in November.

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