UK Stands Firm on Tech Encryption Row, Minister Asserts

In a resolute stance, the United Kingdom’s technology minister, Michelle Donelan, affirmed the government’s commitment to combat child abuse on social media platforms. Donelan declared that, if necessary, the government is prepared to explore technology for scanning encrypted messages as a last resort. This statement comes amid ongoing debates surrounding Britain’s Online Safety Bill, which has met opposition from major tech giants, including Meta’s WhatsApp and Signal.

Ensuring Online Safety

The Online Safety Bill, currently undergoing scrutiny by lawmakers, aims to hold social media companies accountable for curbing child abuse content on their platforms. Tech companies have raised concerns that the bill could jeopardize the end-to-end encryption, a fundamental feature of their messaging services.

A Gesture of Flexibility

In a recent development, junior minister Stephen Parkinson appeared to acknowledge the concerns of tech companies. During a session in the parliamentary upper chamber, he mentioned that the Ofcom communications regulator would mandate content scanning only where it is “technically feasible.”

Denying Amendments

However, Minister Michelle Donelan firmly refuted claims that the bill had been diluted in its final stages. In an interview with Times Radio, she asserted, “We haven’t changed the bill at all.” She emphasized that the government’s primary focus remains on ensuring the safety of online spaces for children.

Technology as a Last Resort

Minister Donelan underlined that, in case the measures adopted by social media providers fall short, the discussion about employing encryption-scanning technology would be initiated after further collaboration with the regulator. She acknowledged the need for continued technological development but mentioned that government-funded research has indicated its feasibility.

The ongoing debates surrounding the Online Safety Bill underscore the delicate balance between online privacy and the imperative to protect vulnerable users from harm. The UK government remains committed to addressing this pressing issue.

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