Bongo’s Will Rock You: A Queen-Inspired Bingo Extravaganza Takes Center Stage in Leeds


Prepare for a musical experience like no other as “Bongo’s Will Rock You” arrives in Leeds, bringing a thrilling blend of Queen-inspired bingo and classic rock hits. This unique event promises a night of nostalgia and celebration, inviting attendees to dust off their air guitars and pay homage to the legendary rock band that has captured hearts for generations.

A Fusion of Music and Bingo:

The O2 Academy on Cookridge Street in Leeds will host the electrifying “Bongo’s Will Rock You” event. Attendees can expect to be immersed in a symphony of Queen’s most iconic hits, alongside an array of timeless classic rock songs. The atmosphere will be charged with energy, encouraging enthusiastic sing-alongs and a memorable night of entertainment.

Festive Cheer and Special Prizes:

Between collective renditions of favorites like “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Radio Ga Ga,” and “A Kind of Magic,” the festivities will be amplified by a selection of Christmas anthems and holiday spirit. Attendees can also anticipate the chance to win special prizes, adding an extra layer of excitement to the already captivating event.

Dates for the Calendar:

Mark your calendars for these upcoming “Bongo’s Will Rock You” Christmas specials:

  • Saturday, December 2
  • Saturday, December 9
  • Friday, December 15
  • Thursday, December 21
  • Friday, December 22
  • Thursday, December 28
  • Friday, December 29

Jonny Bongo’s Insight:

In the words of Jonny Bongo himself, the mastermind behind this sensational extravaganza: “Our festive shows are going to be epic – a mix of Queen’s timeless classics and a medley of powerful rock tracks and Christmas anthems that will resonate each night. Christmas is the pinnacle for Bongo’s Bingo, where the vibrant crowd’s energy meets themed festivities, bringing the year to a grand conclusion. With Leeds known for its love of wild parties, our ‘Bongo’s Will Rock You’ shows are set to elevate the city’s spirit to new heights.”


Get ready to be swept away by the electric fusion of bingo and rock music at “Bongo’s Will Rock You.” This unique celebration promises an unforgettable night that combines the allure of Queen’s greatest hits with the timeless charm of classic rock. Secure your spot for a memorable evening that captures the essence of musical greatness.

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