Phillip Schofield Removed from The Cube Attraction Following ITV Departure


Phillip Schofield, the renowned This Morning presenter, has faced another setback in his career in the wake of his ITV departure. The 61-year-old television personality had previously made headlines for admitting to an affair with a younger male colleague and subsequently stepping away from the public eye.

Career Fallout:

Earlier this year, Phillip Schofield made a high-profile exit from ITV after confessing to deceiving colleagues and loved ones about his affair with an unnamed male colleague. Despite describing the relationship as “unwise but not illegal,” he vehemently denied allegations of grooming the individual.

Since his confession, Phillip had largely retreated from the public eye, expressing uncertainty about his future in television.

The Cube Attraction Removal:

Now, in the latest development, Phillip Schofield has been removed from The Cube fan attraction located in Manchester. Phillip had been a prominent figure associated with the ITV game show since its inception in 2009 and played a significant role in welcoming visitors and explaining the attraction.

However, as reported by the Daily Star, the management at The Cube Live decided to sever ties with Phillip Schofield in light of the recent scandal. He has been replaced by Colin McFarlane, known for his voiceovers on the show.

An insider from the attraction remarked, “Phillip has vanished entirely. Because of recent occurrences, management at The Cube Live does not want to be affiliated with him.”

Ongoing Fallout:

This removal from The Cube attraction is just one in a series of setbacks Phillip Schofield has experienced in the aftermath of his affair confession. He has also been notably absent from This Morning, with Holly Willoughby taking on solo hosting duties and rotating co-hosts since his departure.

Additionally, Phillip will not return to host Dancing On Ice next year, with an impending announcement regarding his replacement.

An investigation has been underway concerning the circumstances surrounding Phillip’s ITV exit. This inquiry was prompted by past presenters and behind-the-scenes employees of ITV coming forward with allegations of toxicity and bullying. The findings of this investigation are expected to be published soon.

Holly Willoughby, who hosted This Morning alongside Phillip for over a decade, has cooperated fully with the investigation, with no secrets to hide.


Phillip Schofield’s career continues to face challenges in the aftermath of his high-profile ITV departure and affair scandal. His removal from The Cube attraction is indicative of the impact these events have had on his professional life, while investigations into the circumstances of his exit and allegations of toxicity within ITV remain ongoing.

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