Simon Cowell Implements Email Ban on Britain’s Got Talent Ratings After Therapy Revelation


In a surprising move, music mogul Simon Cowell has taken a decisive step to distance himself from the pressures of television ratings. Cowell, known for his involvement in Britain’s Got Talent, recently disclosed that he enforced an email ban on discussions about the show’s ratings among his team. This bold decision followed his experience seeking therapy, where he gained insights into his personal evaluation of success and the importance of prioritizing mental well-being over external measures.

Therapy Revelation and Perspective Shift:

At the age of 63, Simon Cowell embarked on his first-ever journey into therapy, an experience that yielded transformative results. During his sessions, he grappled with his tendency to place excessive value on TV ratings as a measure of achievement. A pivotal moment occurred during a conversation with his therapist, where Cowell was prompted to reevaluate his perspective on success. The exchange prompted him to question whether his finest work should be solely defined by high ratings. Cowell recounted the dialogue: “Do you consider your best work to be the highest-rated thing you’ve ever done?” he was asked. His response was a resolute “No.” This realization led him to query himself further, “So why are you judging yourself on that?”

Email Ban and Liberation from Ratings Obsession:

In response to this eye-opening revelation, Cowell took a definitive step to unburden himself from the allure of TV ratings. He communicated this decision through an email, declaring his stance on the matter. “That’s it. I don’t want to know about ratings anymore,” he conveyed. This resolute move had a profound impact on his mindset, altering his approach to content creation. “It’s quite incredible because it now doesn’t feel like you’re chasing something,” he explained. By dissociating from the constant pursuit of high ratings, Cowell has discovered a renewed sense of creative freedom. The focus has shifted from chasing external validation to crafting content that resonates with his own preferences while hoping it appeals to others as well.

A Shift in Priorities Prompted by Pandemic:

Cowell’s candid conversation about his therapeutic journey was triggered by his reflections on the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. The global crisis compelled him to introspect and recognize the importance of addressing mental health. His decision to share his experience aligns with the “Men In Mind” podcast by the Daily Mirror, in collaboration with mental health charity Mind. The podcast intends to facilitate conversations about mental well-being among prominent male figures, fostering openness and understanding.

Fluctuating Ratings and Future Outlook:

Over the years, Britain’s Got Talent has experienced fluctuating ratings, a phenomenon not uncommon in the realm of television. In 2017, the series garnered close to 10 million viewers, while subsequent figures witnessed a decline. The most recent series, in the midst of the pandemic, premiered with an average of 5.5 million viewers. Despite this ebb and flow, Cowell’s decision signifies a shift from fixating on numbers to focusing on the creative process and its intrinsic value.


Simon Cowell’s decision to implement an email ban on Britain’s Got Talent ratings reflects a profound transformation in his approach to success and mental well-being. Triggered by therapy, his revelation about the inadequacy of rating-based evaluation has liberated him from the pressures of chasing numbers. This shift underscores the importance of prioritizing one’s creative passion and emotional health over external validation. As Cowell continues his journey with a renewed perspective, the entertainment industry witnesses a prominent figure paving the way for a healthier and more holistic understanding of achievement.

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