Discover the Enchanting Town Inside a Meteor Crater: Nordlingen’s Sparkling Beauty

Bavaria’s Hidden Gem: Amidst the well-known Munich Oktoberfest and historic castles, Bavaria boasts a captivating secret – Nordlingen. Nestled within one of the world’s largest meteorite craters, this town is adorned with a unique and dazzling feature: walls embedded with millions of micro diamonds.

A Geological Marvel: Formed over 14 million years ago, Nordlingen’s meteorite impact left behind a treasure trove of 72,000 tons of micro diamonds. These sparkling gems were meticulously quarried from the crater to construct the town’s architectural marvels during the Middle Ages. Each diamond is less than 0.2mm wide, making them too tiny for personal adornment.

Unveiling the Truth: The remarkable fact that Nordlingen stood within a meteor crater remained hidden for a millennium. Prior to 1960, the prevailing belief was that the town rested on a volcanic site. This misconception was debunked by American scientists Eugene Shoemaker and Edward Chao, who identified unique quartz formations within the town’s structures – a telltale sign of meteor impact.

Resilient Heritage: Despite enduring the chaos of the Thirty Years’ War and hosting two pivotal battles, Nordlingen’s original city walls from 1327 remain impeccably preserved. Today, the town’s historic significance is appreciated by visitors who ascend the St. Georgs church for breathtaking panoramic views.

Museum of Cosmic History: The Ries Crater Museum stands as a testament to Nordlingen’s celestial connection, housing a moon rock from Apollo 16’s mission. The crater’s resemblance to lunar landscapes even prompted the use of its terrain for training before the iconic Apollo 14 mission in 1971.

Journey Through Time: Wander Nordlingen’s labyrinthine streets and ancient city walls to immerse yourself in Bavaria’s rich heritage. Keep an eye out for whimsical details like watchtowers and carved bollards that add character to the town’s charm.

A Luxurious Experience: Should you desire to explore this hidden gem, Nordlingen offers the prestigious Kloesterle Noerdlingen Hotel, a Tripadvisor-rated 4-star accommodation situated at the heart of the town.

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