Faster Cancer Treatment Revolutionizes NHS Care: Atezolizumab’s Swift Injection Option Approved


A groundbreaking advancement in cancer treatment is set to transform the healthcare landscape for thousands of NHS patients. The approval of Atezolizumab, a cancer-fighting jab that can be administered in just seven minutes, is poised to expedite treatment processes for various types of cancer.

A Swift Shift in Administration:

Atezolizumab, also known as Tecentriq, traditionally administered intravenously via drip, will now be delivered to patients in England through an injection. This immunotherapy is utilized in the treatment of lung, breast, liver, and bladder cancers, benefiting approximately 3,600 patients each year.

Rapid Injection for Enhanced Patient Care:

Most patients can expect to receive the drug through the seven-minute injection, a significant time reduction compared to the usual intravenous method, which requires 30 minutes to an hour. Patients undergoing atezolizumab alongside chemotherapy may continue to receive it intravenously.

Pioneering “Checkpoint Inhibitor” Treatment:

Atezolizumab operates as a “checkpoint inhibitor,” aiding the immune system in identifying and eradicating cancer cells. Remarkably, the NHS in England has become the global trailblazer in introducing the injection format of this drug, following approval by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). The implementation of this innovative approach is expected to optimize time allocation for NHS cancer teams.

Challenges in NHS Cancer Care:

In light of concerns regarding staff shortages impacting patient care, radiology leaders have highlighted the need for swifter treatment processes. The Royal College of Radiologists conducted a survey of the UK’s cancer centers, revealing that staffing deficits led to extended waiting times and treatment delays in 97% of the surveyed centers.

Expert Insight and Promising Future:

Professor Peter Johnson, NHS England’s national director for cancer, emphasized the significance of this development. He stated, “The introduction of faster under-the-skin injections will make an important difference,” ensuring enhanced quality of life for cancer patients. The efficiency boost comes without any additional burden on the NHS budget, thanks to a pre-existing agreement with manufacturer Roche.

Manufacturer’s Perspective:

Marius Scholtz, medical director for Roche Products Limited, celebrated the benefits of the subcutaneous PD-L1 cancer immunotherapy injection. This method offers a substantial time-saving advantage, taking a mere seven minutes compared to the standard 30 to 60 minutes required for intravenous infusion.

Continuing Progress:

The introduction of Atezolizumab’s injection follows the successful implementation of Phesgo, another cancer-fighting jab, in 2021. Since its introduction, thousands of breast cancer patients have reaped the rewards of this streamlined therapy, leading to faster treatment uptake on the NHS compared to global standards.

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