Former Boris Johnson Aide Dominic Cummings Plans New Political Party


Former Chief of Staff to Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings, is devising a fresh political venture aimed at challenging the Conservative Party in the elections after the next one.

Cummings’ Startup Vision:

Cummings has asserted that it’s time to establish a startup political party to, in his words, “replace the rotten Tories and win in 2028.”

  • In a recent blog post, Cummings praised Rishi Sunak’s intellect but criticized his leadership, alleging a lack of political strategy and direction.
  • He expressed skepticism about the Conservative Party’s ability to improve post-election and understand their shortcomings.

Cummings’ Call for a Fresh Start:

Having left Downing Street in November 2020, Cummings has gained notoriety for a lockdown-related trip to Barnard Castle. Now, he’s using his blog to rally support for his new political initiative.

  • Cummings is already receiving inquiries from MPs and donors about rebuilding the party, but he firmly advocates burying the old Tory Party and focusing on creating a “startup party.”

The Vision for the Future:

Cummings envisions a future where the new party, with a different approach to governance, takes center stage by 2028.

  • His agenda mirrors the priorities he advocated for in Downing Street, emphasizing toughness on crime, security, and immigration, along with leaving the European Convention on Human Rights.
  • Other goals include tax reform, reducing the size of the state, and closing tax loopholes benefiting the wealthy.
  • Cummings proposes linking MP pay to average incomes, ensuring their earnings adjust with economic conditions.
  • The ultimate objective is to secure victory in 2028, govern for two terms, and then dissolve the party as a legal entity, differentiating it from traditional political parties.

Assessing the Feasibility:

While Cummings is in discussions with potential allies about this plan, some view it with skepticism, dismissing it as the musings of an increasingly irrelevant figure.


Dominic Cummings’ plan for a new political party signals a potential shake-up in the UK political landscape. As he forges ahead with this initiative, it remains to be seen whether his vision can become a reality and reshape the future of British politics.

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