Rishi Sunak’s Popularity Hits Record Low Following Climate Policy Reversals

Rishi Sunak, the Prime Minister, has seen a substantial decline in his popularity, hitting an all-time low, subsequent to his recent reversals on climate commitments.

Public Opinion Takes a Nosedive:
According to a recent YouGov poll conducted on September 21 and 22, the Prime Minister’s net favorability rating has plummeted to an alarming -45. This stark decline follows his announcement regarding the net-zero policy. Notably, a staggering 68 percent of surveyed voters now hold a negative view of Mr. Sunak, marking an increase from 67 percent in late August. Conversely, only 23 percent of respondents currently hold a positive view of him, down from 26 percent in the previous poll.

Support for Climate Action:
Research by Survation, another prominent polling agency, underscores the significant public support for climate action, especially in constituencies known as “Blue Wall” seats that the Conservative Party aims to retain in the upcoming election.

Impact on Key Demographics:
The latest YouGov poll reveals that Mr. Sunak’s declining popularity is particularly pronounced among Liberal Democrat voters, a crucial demographic in the battle for these pivotal marginal seats. Only 12 percent of Liberal Democrat voters now express a favorable view of the Prime Minister, a sharp drop from 25 percent in August.

Mixed Perceptions of Keir Starmer:
Meanwhile, public perception of Labour leader Keir Starmer also registers unfavorably. A mere 30 percent of the general public holds a favorable view of him, down from 35 percent at the close of August.

Divided Opinions on Climate Policy Changes:
Regarding Mr. Sunak’s recent climate policy revisions, public sentiment is divided. Forty-seven percent of voters believe the Prime Minister made the right call with these changes, while 46 percent disagree.

Expert Insight:
Matthew Smith, Head of Data Journalism at YouGov, commented on the findings, noting that despite the Prime Minister’s net zero announcements, his reputation among Tory voters remains largely unaffected.

Commitment to Climate Action:
The Prime Minister has affirmed his unwavering commitment to combat climate change, despite the postponement and dilution of several key policies. These include delaying the ban on new petrol and diesel cars, revising the plan to phase out gas boilers by 2035, and scrapping the requirement for energy efficiency upgrades in homes.

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