Fugitive Daniel Khalife Apprehended After Prison Escape

Daniel Khalife, a 21-year-old former soldier, is set to appear in court today, facing charges of escaping from HMP Wandsworth. His capture followed an extensive search operation after his escape from the prison last Wednesday.

Apprehension on a Canal Towpath

Khalife’s arrest came on Saturday at 10:41 AM when a plainclothes counter-terrorism officer apprehended him on a canal towpath in west London. This arrest concluded a four-day-long manhunt, which involved both land and air searches.

Initial Sighting and Public Cooperation

The Metropolitan Police received a critical tip from a vigilant member of the public who reported seeing a man matching Khalife’s description walking away from a Bidfood van near the south entrance to Wandsworth Roundabout on Wednesday morning. Following this lead, officers initiated a search operation in the Richmond area. Although Khalife was not located there, multiple sightings of the suspect were reported by the public.

Intensive Search Efforts

Throughout Saturday morning, the police intensified their efforts, checking gardens, stopping and inspecting vehicles, and requesting residents’ identification. These measures aimed to ensure public safety and expedite Khalife’s capture.

The Discovery

Ultimately, Khalife was found on a canal towpath in Northolt, west London, approximately eight miles from the last sighting reported by a member of the public.

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