Government Urged to Support Households Amidst Looming Energy Bills Crisis


As winter approaches, concerns are mounting in the UK over the prospect of households facing higher energy bills than in the previous year, despite a decrease in wholesale market prices. The Energy Security and Net Zero Committee of MPs has issued a stern warning, emphasizing the need for immediate action by the government to protect vulnerable families who did not benefit from last year’s £400 assistance. This includes extending the Warm Home Discount, which provides a £150 reduction in winter bills for eligible individuals, and allocating funds in anticipation of the impending cold weather.

Challenges Ahead

Despite a significant decline in wholesale energy market prices, many households are set to endure the same or even increased energy costs this winter. The key reason behind this predicament is the absence of bill subsidies by the government, unlike the measures implemented in the previous year. Additionally, the standing charge, a fixed daily fee regardless of energy consumption, has risen, further contributing to the expected increase in bills, even for those who use below-average amounts of gas and electricity.

MPs’ Recommendations

The Energy Security and Net Zero Committee has presented a series of recommendations aimed at addressing the current energy crisis. Foremost among them is the call for the elimination of standing charges, with the assertion that customers should pay only for the energy they consume. The MPs argue that these standing charges are both unfair and regressive. They also emphasize the necessity of establishing a social tariff to assist those most severely affected by rising energy costs.

Committee Chair Angus Brendan MacNeil expressed the urgency of the situation, saying, “As the nights get longer, many of our most helpless citizens will be tormented by horrifying recollections of the unrelenting sacrifices they were made to make last year. In actuality, one in four still owes money for energy used last winter. It is past time for the government to make a support declaration, especially with the challenge this winter seems to be considerably more severe.”

Government’s Response

A spokesperson from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero responded to the committee’s recommendations, indicating that the Energy Price Guarantee, which limits the cost per unit of energy for households, will remain in effect until April next year, as announced by Chancellor Jeremy Hunt. They also highlighted additional targeted support available through the Warm Home Discount, which is expected to benefit approximately 3 million vulnerable households.

Furthermore, the government has launched the £1 billion Great British Insulation Scheme, aimed at helping over 300,000 families reduce their energy bills and heat their homes. The spokesperson affirmed that all options, including support for the most vulnerable households, are under consideration.


With winter fast approaching and energy bills threatening to burden households, the government faces mounting pressure to take decisive action. The recommendations put forth by the Energy Security and Net Zero Committee underscore the urgency of the situation, emphasizing the need to provide substantial relief to those affected. As the nation braces for colder months, the government’s response will be closely watched, with the hope that measures will be implemented swiftly to support households in these challenging times.

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