NHS Doctor Unveils Realities of A&E Shift Amidst Fresh Strikes

London Hospital Consultant Chronicles Mounting Pressures within NHS as New Strikes Emerge


In the midst of renewed strikes within the NHS, an NHS doctor from a prominent London hospital, Dr. Philip Kelly, has offered an insightful glimpse into the demanding nature of his role through a recorded video diary.

Revealing the Strain

Dr. Philip Kelly, a respected consultant general physician, has captured the evolving pressures that have beset his profession over the past few years. His firsthand account paints a vivid picture of the challenges faced by medical practitioners within the NHS.

Patient Care Impacted

Within the footage chronicling his active shift, Dr. Kelly lays bare a concerning revelation. He observes that a significant portion of his patients, including those requiring drips and infusions, are now being attended to while seated in chairs. This alarming shift in patient care practices underscores the mounting strains on the healthcare system.

Desensitization to Pressure

Remarkably, Dr. Kelly reflects on the unsettling phenomenon of gradual desensitization to these mounting challenges. The video diary captures his candid commentary on the gradual normalization of these pressures that healthcare workers are exposed to daily.

Escalating Strikes

The latest development in this ongoing saga of workplace demands is the recent 48-hour walkout staged by senior NHS doctors on August 24. The British Medical Association, further intensifying their stance, has announced a fresh strike scheduled between October 2 and 4. This action is a continuation of the ongoing dispute centered around NHS staff pay.


Dr. Philip Kelly’s video diary offers a unique window into the reality faced by NHS professionals as they navigate a landscape of increasing pressures. As fresh strikes emerge, the medical community’s concerns over remuneration and work conditions remain at the forefront.

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