Petition Gains Momentum: Calls for Mandatory Cash Acceptance by Businesses Garner Support

Thousands of individuals have rallied behind a petition urging governmental intervention to mandate businesses to accept cash transactions, with nearly 200 signatories hailing from Surrey.

Push for Universal Cash Acceptance

In response to the trend of establishments embracing exclusively card-based payments, a substantial number of citizens have joined forces to assert their demand for a legal framework obligating businesses to accommodate cash payments. This movement has gained traction in the wake of the pandemic, which saw numerous enterprises adopt cashless practices.

A Petition with Remarkable Backing

The momentum behind this cause has been undeniable, as a petition addressed to the Parliament has garnered over 13,000 endorsements. The petition asserts that the current practice of solely accepting card payments is discriminatory, advocating for the inclusion of cash transactions and making it unlawful to exclude them.

Local Impact: Surrey’s Resounding Response

Emanating from this nationwide wave of support, Surrey has voiced its stance through significant participation. The petition has secured signatories across various locales in the county, such as Epsom and Ewell, Mole Valley, Esher and Walton, Runnymede and Weybridge, Reigate, Surrey Heath, Guildford, East Surrey, Spelthorne, Woking, and South West Surrey.

A Call for Accessibility and Choice

The petition’s narrative hinges on the principle of equitable accessibility. Advocates emphasize that card-only policies exclude segments of society, including the elderly, those on limited budgets, and individuals concerned about cybersecurity threats. The essence of the campaign is encapsulated in its plea to safeguard the use of physical currency—a tradition integral to the UK’s economic landscape.

Preserving the King’s Currency

The petition urges, “We believe it is discriminatory to only accept card payments. The Government should require companies to take cash. Establishments are taking away our right to choose how we pay. Make it illegal to only accept electronic payments. Elderly people, people who are on a budget, [and] people who are afraid of cybercrime want and need to use cash. Pounds and Pence are the King’s Currency. Do Not Let The Great British Pound Die.”

The Path Ahead

As the petition continues to amass signatures, the government’s response remains imminent. With a threshold of 10,000 signatures to elicit an official reaction, the movement’s trajectory warrants close attention.

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