Putin’s Close Ally, Ramzan Kadyrov, Resurfaces in Bizarre ‘I’m Alive’ Video

In a surprising turn of events, Ramzan Kadyrov, a key ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the ruler of Chechnya, has reemerged in a peculiar video, confirming his well-being after a 20-day absence. Speculations about Kadyrov’s health, including rumours of poisoning and a coma, have been circulating in recent days, sparking concerns and conspiracy theories.

A Mysterious Disappearance

  • Ramzan Kadyrov, aged 46, played a significant role in supplying troops for Russia’s ongoing conflict with Ukraine.
  • Reports had suggested that he was critically ill and possibly in a coma.
  • Kadyrov’s reappearance came via a carefully orchestrated video filmed at the Moscow Central Clinical Hospital.
  • The video shows Kadyrov briefly seated at the bedside of his uncle, Magomed Kadyrov, while medical professionals discuss his condition.

Kadyrov’s Declaration

In the video, Kadyrov is seen with a visibly swollen hand and face, hinting at ongoing health issues despite his absence from a hospital bed. Alongside the footage, Kadyrov provided a statement: “I made my loving uncle feel better and sent him healing vibes. Thanks be to Allah Almighty, I am alive and well, and I don’t see why there should be a fuss, even in the event of my illness. The public now understands which media and which individuals are flagrantly lying to their readers, despite the fact that this has a benefit.”

The Uncle’s Role

Magomed Kadyrov, the uncle mentioned in the video, serves as the president of the Chechen Weightlifting Federation. It is notable that Ramzan Kadyrov remained seated throughout almost the entire video, rising from his chair only towards the end.

Theories and Speculation

Several theories have arisen regarding Ramzan Kadyrov’s health and absence:

  • Some suggest he may have recently undergone a kidney transplant.
  • Others claim that Kadyrov grew increasingly paranoid about his doctor, who had previously held positions as his health minister and deputy leader in Chechnya, possibly poisoning him.
  • The doctor, Elkhan Suleymanov, aged 49, disappeared a year ago and has not been seen since.
  • Kadyrov’s business plane has been frequently observed travelling between Moscow and Chechnya, but his presence onboard remains unconfirmed.
  • The last public sighting of Kadyrov dates back to September 1, with a recent video purportedly filmed earlier in the year.

Kremlin’s Silence

The Kremlin has maintained a tight-lipped stance regarding Kadyrov’s health and his sudden reappearance.

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