Russian General Reveals Alarming Plans for Europe

In a recent interview with Rossiya 1, a state-run Russian television channel known for promoting the Kremlin’s agenda to a wide audience, Colonel General Andrei Mordvichev dropped a bombshell revelation.

Startling Revelation:
As reported by, Colonel General Andrei Mordvichev stated that the ongoing invasion of Ukraine is but an “intermediate stage” in a much larger and more concerning conflict that could engulf Europe.

A Broader Conflict Unveiled
General Mordvichev emphasised that the war in Ukraine has already persisted for over 18 months, with no discernible end in sight. Furthermore, he underscored Russia’s need for endurance, hinting at even more extended hostilities: “When we talk about attacking Eastern Europe, it will naturally take more time.”

Eastern Europe in the Crosshairs:
Ukraine, according to the general’s remarks, serves as the initial point of contention. However, Mordvichev asserted that Eastern European nations, including NATO members such as Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia, are next on the Russian military’s radar.

Empty Threats or Genuine Intentions?:
The pivotal question that arises from these statements is whether they constitute mere saber-rattling or a genuine reflection of Russia’s intentions. How much insight does Colonel General Mordvichev possess into President Putin’s classified plans?

A High-Ranking Officer:
One fact remains indisputable: Colonel General Andrei Mordvichev holds the prestigious position of being the third-highest rank in the Russian military hierarchy.

An Insider’s Perspective:
Mordvichev’s active role in Ukraine, dating back to the commencement of the invasion in 2022, positions him as an insider with intricate knowledge of the Russian army’s internal workings.

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