Residents Reminded to Verify Voter Registration Details to Safeguard Voting Rights

In a bid to ensure that citizens retain their ability to participate in decisions that impact them, residents of Ribble Valley are being urged to review and validate their voter registration particulars through the annual electoral canvass.

Annual Canvass:
The Ribble Valley Borough Council orchestrates the yearly electoral canvass, aimed at preserving the accuracy and currency of the electoral register. By identifying those at risk of forfeiting their electoral voice, the council can prompt them to register before it becomes too late.

Council’s Perspective:
Emphasizing the significance of this endeavor, Jane Horsfield, the Electoral and Licensing Officer at Ribble Valley Borough Council, articulated, “The electoral canvass is presently in progress. Our objective is to ascertain the precision and currency of electoral register data for every Ribble Valley address.”

Ensuring Inclusion:
Residents are encouraged to stay vigilant for crucial updates issued by the council. To prevent disenfranchisement in forthcoming elections, it is suggested to comply with the directives received.

Maintaining Registration Status:
Horsfield further elucidated, “If your voter details remain unaltered since the previous election, no action is required, as your registration remains valid. However, if you are not currently registered, it’s imperative to do so to partake in voting.”

Simple Registration Process:
For individuals who necessitate registration, the most straightforward approach is via the official government website, Register to Vote – GOV.UK. Additionally, registered voters can opt for postal ballots or proxy voting by acquiring the requisite forms from the Ribble Valley Authority.

Addressing New Homeowners:
Acknowledging that recent homeowners could be more susceptible to omission, a call to action is directed especially at them. The Electoral Commission’s research indicates that new residents are less likely to be registered compared to long-term address occupants.

Commission’s Standpoint:
Melanie Davidson, Head of Support and Improvement at the Electoral Commission, articulated, “Enabling every eligible individual to exercise their voting right is of paramount importance. We encourage people to remain attuned to updates communicated by local councils during this year’s canvass.”

Eligibility Criteria:
Davidson further clarified, “Eligibility to vote mandates being over 18, residing at an address within the desired voting region, and not facing any voting restrictions. Additionally, individuals must qualify as British, Irish, EU citizens, or qualifying Commonwealth citizens.”

Obtaining Additional Information:
For those seeking more information, Ribble Valley Borough Council’s elections unit can be reached at 01200 414411.

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