Singer Asake Returns to London for Tribute Concert Honoring Crush Incident Victims

Renowned musician Asake makes a solemn return to London, marking his first performance since the tragic crush incident at his Brixton Academy concert last year. The artist pays heartfelt tribute to the individuals who lost their lives during the ill-fated event.

Details of the Incident:
During the artist’s performance on December 15, a harrowing crush led to the untimely demise of two concertgoers. Rebecca Ikumelo, 33, succumbed to her injuries in the hospital on December 17, while Gaby Hutchinson, 23, tragically passed away on December 19.

Ongoing Investigation and Venue Status:
A comprehensive investigation into the tragic incident is currently underway in collaboration with the Metropolitan Police. In response, the venue, Brixton Academy, has been temporarily closed since the occurrence. Lambeth Council is currently reviewing the venue’s license status.

Tribute Performance at O2 Arena:
Asake, aged 27, performed at the O2 Arena, his first show in the capital since the unfortunate incident. He honored the memory of Ikumelo and Hutchinson with a poignant tribute poem, an emotionally charged gesture that resonated with the sold-out audience.

Words of Remembrance:
Addressing the audience, Asake expressed the collective grief and the importance of acknowledging the impact of the incident. He stated, “I know some feel loss and some regret. We need to hold this moment. I need to hold this moment. They need to hold this moment.” The tribute poem was complemented by visual displays of news footage, venue shots, and images of the victims.

Family’s Response and Criticism:
Despite the heartfelt tribute, Rachael (@rachaeliku_), who is Rebecca Ikumelo’s sister, took to Twitter (formerly known as X) to express her dissatisfaction. She criticized Asake’s tribute, stating, “What a sorry excuse of a ‘tribute’ from @asakemusik. My sister lost her life at your show and you haven’t spoken to a single member of my family since. But you can hold another concert in London less than nine months later and play her videos as a ‘tribute’?”

Asake’s Previous Communication:
Following the tragic incident, Asake had previously shared a statement conveying his deepest condolences to Ikumelo’s family. He assured that he had been in touch with them, stating, “I am devastated by the news that Rebecca Ikumelo, who was in a critical condition since Thursday, has sadly passed away. My sincerest condolences to her loved ones at this time. Let us please keep her family in our prayers. I have spoken to them and will continue to do so.”

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