Space Youth Services Empowers Youth Through New Podcast Series

Space Youth Services, a renowned youth-centred organization in Devon, has unveiled an innovative podcast series aimed at providing a platform for the voices of the young individuals it serves. The series, comprised of insightful interviews, features participants from the Hive Youth Centre in Exmouth and the 100 Club Youth Centre in Exeter.

Diving into Crucial Discussions:
Recorded over a span of two days at the Hive Youth Centre, these podcasts delve deep into the pressing concerns that hold significance in the lives of today’s youth. Addressing a spectrum of topics ranging from the impact of COVID-19 on young people to the dynamics of social media and gaming, family ties, a sense of belonging, and the role of education and sports, these interviews spark conversations that matter.

Guiding the Creative Process:
Guiding the production of the podcasts is Space’s Senior Digital Creative Lead, Jay Jones. Armed with a background in film production, Jay has been instrumental in developing the media suites at Space’s youth centre, encouraging young individuals to explore the realm of production techniques. Notably, Jay took on the roles of both setting up the software and facilitating the interviews, ensuring a seamless flow of meaningful dialogue.

Insights from the Interviews:
Jay emphasized the significance of listening to the perspectives of young people. He shared, “Interviewing this group provided some incredibly useful insights into how young individuals perceive the challenges they encounter daily.” The podcasts also offered a glimpse into effective approaches for addressing mental health concerns and securing appropriate support. Jay encouraged both adults working with youth and the young individuals themselves to engage with the podcasts to gain valuable insights.

Podcast Availability:
The inaugural batch of four podcasts is slated to go live on August 30, accessible via Moreover, the website already hosts an engaging podcast interview with Space Youth Services’ new CEO, Angela Coton. Angela shares her background, enthusiasm for the organization, and her vision for the organization’s future growth.

Joining the Conversation:
Space Youth Services welcomes enthusiastic individuals or teams to participate as guests in upcoming podcasts. To express interest or gather more information, interested parties can email

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