Unveiling the Ecological Toll of Artificial Intelligence: A Closer Look by Dezeen In Depth


This month, the spotlight turns towards a critical concern – the ecological repercussions of artificial intelligence (AI). In this issue of Dezeen In Depth, we delve into the environmental impact of AI, coupled with an insightful conversation featuring Wolf Prix on his involvement in The Line project in Saudi Arabia. Subscribe now to Dezeen in Depth for a comprehensive exploration.

The Growing Footprint of Artificial Intelligence

The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) has triggered conversations among academics about its escalating environmental implications on a global scale. Remarkably, findings indicate that the information and communications technology (ICT) sector’s carbon footprint is projected to contribute a substantial two to four per cent of the planet’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The Sobering Reality of AI’s Ecological Impact

Anne Pasek, a renowned researcher in the domains of technology and climate, cautioned about the profound consequences that AI’s proliferation entails. Although AI may embody a futuristic and sophisticated vision, its physical presence would be notably mundane and unassuming. Yet, this unremarkable appearance belies its profound impact on water tables and its voracious appetite for electricity.

Diverse Insights in August’s Edition

The August edition of Dezeen In Depth also embraces diverse viewpoints. Matt Shaw pens an insightful opinion piece spotlighting the aftermath of Thomas Heatherwick’s Vessel closure, which followed a series of tragic suicides. Moreover, an exclusive conversation with Wolf Prix underscores the paradoxes inherent in studios working on The Line.

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