Urgent Warning: Pirola Variant Raises Concerns of Next COVID Wave in Four Weeks


A prominent health official has issued a stark warning of a potential surge in COVID-19 cases within the next four weeks, driven by the emergence of the new Pirola variant. This alarming development coincides with a significant uptick in positive virus cases over the past month, raising concerns about the variant’s potential impact.

The Pirola Variant – A Cause for Alarm

The Pirola variant, scientifically designated as BA.2.86, is garnering increasing attention and apprehension among healthcare experts. This novel subvariant of the Omicron strain is reported to possess up to 36 mutations, fueling fears that it could swiftly become the dominant strain in the United Kingdom in the coming months. Yet, there remains substantial uncertainty regarding its implications, including whether it will lead to a surge in severe COVID-19 cases.

Rising COVID-19 Cases

Presently, the number of individuals testing positive for COVID-19 is nearly double that of early August. The UK Health Security Agency has announced plans to revamp COVID-19 testing and strongly advises individuals to isolate and seek testing if they exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms.

Accelerated Vaccination Efforts

In response to this concerning development, England’s Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and the UK Health Security Agency have expedited the launch of the autumn vaccination program. The aim is to safeguard against the potential impact of the Pirola variant.

Expert Insights and Urgent Recommendations

Addressing the looming threat, the health official stated, “Based on the limited evidence available to us on BA.2.86, it is possible that in 4-6 weeks, we will be in a coronavirus wave, at which point it will be too late to act to prevent our NHS and care services being placed under even greater pressure.” To mitigate this, they emphasized the need to prioritize the vaccination of the most vulnerable citizens, particularly residents in care homes for older adults, starting from the commencement of the program on September 11, 2023.

Financial Implications and Collaboration

Recognizing the potential financial implications for health boards, the official acknowledged the challenges posed by the evolving situation. They committed to engaging with organizations as the situation unfolds to address these challenges effectively.

Recommended Autumn Booster Categories

The Joint Committee for Vaccinations and Immunization has outlined specific categories for the autumn booster, which include:

  • Residents in care homes for older adults
  • All adults aged 65 years and over
  • Persons aged six months to 64 years in a clinical risk group as defined in COVID-19 guidelines
  • Frontline health and social care workers
  • Persons aged 12 to 64 years who are household contacts of individuals with immunosuppression
  • Persons aged 16 to 64 years who are carers and staff working in care homes for older adults

Global Spread of Pirola

The Pirola variant was initially detected in Denmark in July. To date, it has been identified in six cases across four countries. Notably, one case has been confirmed in the United States, the UK, and Israel, with three cases reported in Denmark. Just yesterday, another case was reported in the United States, involving an asymptomatic patient who had recently returned from Japan and was tested on August 10.


The emergence of the Pirola variant has ignited concerns about the potential resurgence of COVID-19 cases. As health authorities intensify vaccination efforts and ramp up testing, the coming weeks will be critical in determining whether this variant will lead to a significant wave of infections. Vigilance and swift action are imperative to safeguard public health.

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