Catastrophic Flooding in Libya: Before and After Images Reveal Devastation


Catastrophic flooding in Libya has left a trail of devastation in its wake, as revealed by satellite images. This natural disaster has resulted in the loss of thousands of lives and the displacement of tens of thousands of people.

The Impact of Flooding

  • Over 5,000 bodies have been recovered in the aftermath of the flooding.
  • The city of Derna alone has witnessed the tragic discovery of the remains of at least 2,000 individuals.
  • Tuesday’s disaster, triggered by the effects of Storm Daniel, has displaced at least 30,000 residents.

Before and After: A Stark Contrast

Two striking images provide a visual testament to the dramatic transformation wrought by this disaster. They depict the city of Derna before the catastrophe and the irreversible changes brought about by the collapse of a dam along the Wadi Derna River.

International Assistance

In the face of this humanitarian crisis, Libya has reached out to the international community for aid and support.


The images of devastation in Libya serve as a somber reminder of the destructive power of natural disasters. The nation’s call for international assistance underscores the urgency of the situation and the need for a collective response.

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