Discover StandBy Mode Pro: Transform Your Android into a Smart Display

What’s New with StandBy Mode Pro
Unlock the full potential of your Android device with StandBy Mode Pro, a feature-packed app that brings the best of iOS 17’s StandBy Mode to the Android ecosystem. While iOS 17 introduced StandBy Mode for iPhones, StandBy Mode Pro takes it a step further, offering unparalleled customization and a feature-rich experience for Android users.

StandBy Mode Evolution

StandBy Mode Pro replicates the iOS 17 StandBy Mode, turning your Android smartphone or tablet into a versatile smart display. It provides an array of widgets and clock styles to adorn your nightstand or desk, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

Versatile Widgets

Choose from a wide range of widgets to tailor your Android’s StandBy Mode to your preferences. The “Duo” mode splits your screen in half, offering scrollable widgets on either side. For those who prefer a gentler wake-up experience, the app includes a “night mode” with a soothing red tint on widgets.

Personalize with Photos

StandBy Mode Pro introduces the Photo Clock feature, allowing you to create a custom carousel of images that seamlessly blend with the time display in the corner. It is the ideal approach to give your gadget a unique touch.

Burn-in Protection

Worried about OLED burn-in on your Android device? StandBy Mode Pro has you covered with built-in burn-in protection, ensuring your screen remains in pristine condition.

Seamless Activation

Gone are the days of unlocking your phone to activate StandBy Mode Pro. The app can now be set to launch automatically when your device is placed in landscape mode and connected to a charger. Plus, it includes an option to exit StandBy Mode Pro when you switch from landscape to portrait mode, enhancing user convenience.

Get StandBy Mode Pro Today

Enhance your Android experience by downloading StandBy Mode Pro for free from the Play Store. For less than $3, you can unlock all the app’s features and take your Android device to the next level.

Transform your Android into a smart display powerhouse with StandBy Mode Pro. Say goodbye to bland screens and welcome the future of customization and functionality.

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