Eerie UK Ghost Town: Abandoned £300k Homes Stand Still for 16 Years


In a peculiar tale of neglect, a ghost town in Sorn, Scotland, boasts rows of upscale homes that have languished untouched since their construction in 2007. What was meant to be a thriving community now stands as a haunting testament to unfinished dreams.

Properties in Disrepair:

Nestled in the serene landscape overlooking the River Ayr and Dalgain Farm, these executive-style houses, once envisioned as sources of pride, have succumbed to the elements. A street named Woolmill Place, comprising 16 homes, now features only three occupied and inhabitable dwellings. The remainder, overtaken by nature, lie abandoned and crumbling.

A Struggle Against Nature:

The village’s once-promising potential has been marred by a lack of upkeep. Weeds and grass, now standing at a towering four feet, have overtaken what were once manicured gardens. Birds have taken shelter within the homes, where ceilings sag, walls collapse, and floors have become treacherous. Discarded toilets and baths further underscore the unfortunate state of these properties.

Unfulfilled Promises and Stalled Efforts:

Amid the wreckage, the residents who remain, like Shannon and Billy Bigham, express their frustration. Shannon, a retired education officer, laments the situation: “When we moved here we were promised that it would be a great community and we believed them.” The initial builders’ bankruptcy during the 2007 banking crisis paved the way for a £2 million acquisition. Despite offers from various parties, the site remains untouched and unsold.

Council’s Constraints:

Efforts to rectify the situation have hit roadblocks, with East Ayrshire Council unable to intervene effectively. Shannon reached out to the council, only to be met with the response that their hands are tied. Despite multiple offers, the property’s owners appear reluctant to sell.

Seeking Answers:

McLaughlin Construction and East Ayrshire Council have been approached for insight into this peculiar scenario, but their comments remain pending.


What was once poised to be a picturesque haven now stands as a testament to unfulfilled potential. Sorn’s Woolmill Place serves as a stark reminder of the fragility of ambitious projects in the face of economic turmoil. The future of this ghost town remains uncertain, but its tale serves as a cautionary reminder of the consequences of unmet promises and stagnation.

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