From School Struggles to Millionaire Success: The Inspiring Journey of Adam Stott


In a remarkable tale of determination and entrepreneurial spirit, Adam Stott, now a 40-year-old millionaire entrepreneur and business coach, shares his journey from leaving school with just one GCSE to amassing a fortune. In an exclusive interview with Telegraph Money, Stott reveals the challenges and sacrifices he faced along the way, ultimately transforming his life through shrewd business ventures.

A Challenging Start:

Adam Stott’s early academic struggles were evident as he exited school with a single GCSE, a B in Drama. Faced with uncertainty and lacking a clear direction, Stott took on various unfulfilling jobs, including manual labor and fast food service.

Discovering a Passion:

Stott’s turning point arrived when he entered the world of sales at a car dealership. It was the first time he felt genuine enthusiasm for his work. His motivation soared as he realized the potential to earn commissions on top of his salary.

Investing in Property and More:

With his newfound income, Stott ventured into property investment at the tender age of 19. This marked the beginning of his journey towards financial success. He eventually expanded into leasing luxury vehicles and private jets, securing an income that neared six figures annually.

Founding Big Cars:

Stott’s talent for deal-making led him to establish his own company, Big Cars, predominantly operating through social media channels. However, the road to entrepreneurship was not without its bumps.

Sacrifices and Setbacks:

To kickstart his business, Stott sold his home and moved back in with his mother, using the proceeds for capital. This decision came with its own challenges as he adjusted to a new living situation and faced the pressure of making his business thrive. The initial months were particularly daunting as the profits failed to materialize.

Persistence Pays Off:

Despite initial setbacks, Stott persevered, reaching out to every contact he had in a bid to establish his business. He eventually ventured into finance brokerage for cars and assets, securing a substantial commission on a sale that brought him £2,000.

Cracking the Code:

By the end of 2009, Stott cracked the social media marketing model, leading to his first million in sales. This marked a turning point as he began expanding his team and revenue.

A Journey of Transformation:

Over time, Stott’s success blossomed, with his business revenues reaching impressive heights. He eventually employed 70 individuals, owned a multimillion-pound residence, and accomplished all this starting from a humble shed.

Beyond Business:

Stott’s initial business success propelled him into the realm of public speaking and coaching. He is now the face and founder of Big Business Events, with a global clientele, including interviews with high-profile personalities like John Travolta, Al Pacino, Calvin Klein, and Floyd Mayweather.

A Blessing in Disguise:

Although circumstances led to the closure of Big Cars, Stott views this as a providential event. It allowed him to devote his full attention to his passion for personal development and coaching.

Words of Wisdom:

Adam Stott leaves aspiring entrepreneurs with valuable advice, emphasizing the importance of taking action, networking, and making offers persistently. He underscores the significance of investing in oneself and taking control of higher-margin activities.


Adam Stott’s inspiring journey from academic struggles to millionaire status serves as a testament to the power of determination and entrepreneurship. His story reminds us that success can be achieved with persistence, adaptability, and a commitment to personal growth.

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