G20 Elevates African Union to Permanent Member Status

In a significant development at the annual G20 summit, the African Union regional bloc has been granted permanent membership status, according to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This transformative decision marks a historic moment, transitioning the African Union from an invited international group to a fully-fledged member of the G20.

A Long-Awaited Achievement:
After seven years of tireless advocacy, the African Union’s aspiration to join the G20 has finally come to fruition. This accomplishment underscores the increasing significance of the African continent on the global stage.

India’s Commitment to Global South:
Prime Minister Narendra Modi, serving as India’s head of state and this year’s host of the G20 summit, has made empowering the Global South a central tenet of his agenda. This announcement reflects India’s commitment to promoting the interests and voices of developing regions.

A Paradigm Shift:
With the inclusion of the African Union as a permanent member, the G20 recognizes the need for broader representation and a more inclusive approach to global governance. The European Union is presently the sole other regional bloc with permanent membership in the G20.

The decision to grant permanent membership to the African Union at the G20 marks a historic milestone and a remarkable acknowledgment of Africa’s growing importance in the global landscape. This development holds promise for more inclusive and equitable international cooperation.

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