Huboo Reports Impressive 130% Growth in the Last Year

Bristol-based tech company Huboo has revealed remarkable growth, boasting a 130% increase in the past 12 months. This achievement has brought in over £20 million in new business and welcomed 1,100 new clients into its expanding portfolio.

Thriving in the E-commerce Fulfillment Industry

Huboo, a technology firm specializing in end-to-end fulfillment operations for online retailers, has announced its outstanding growth of 130% over the last year. The company’s success has not only propelled its financial standing but has also demonstrated a commitment to ethical workplace practices.

Steadfast Expansion

Established in 2017 in Bath, Huboo has rapidly grown and expanded its global presence. With offices across the UK, Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, and Turkey, the company is now on track to double in size by the close of 2023.

Impressive Clientele

Among Huboo’s impressive clientele are renowned names such as AU Vodka, Bristol Sport, and West Ham FC. Furthermore, the company recently earned the distinction of becoming TikTok Shop’s first certified UK fulfillment partner, positioning itself to meet the demands of consumers looking to purchase products directly via TikTok.

A Pioneering Work Environment

Martin Bysh, the co-founder and CEO of Huboo, expressed pride in their unique approach to the warehousing and fulfillment industry. While the industry has faced criticism for harsh working conditions and employee strikes, Huboo stands as a beacon of change.

Mr. Bysh remarked, “We have put a lot of effort into developing a workplace that benefits not just our clients and business, but also our employees. I firmly believe that the contentment of our warehouse teams directly contributes to the exceptional level of service we provide for our clients. Our employee turnover rate is practically 0%, significantly lower than the industry average of 37%.”

Expanding Opportunities and Workforce

Huboo, already employing over 600 individuals, is gearing up for a significant recruitment drive. Ahead of the bustling December shopping season, the company plans to open 200 new vacancies.

Mr. Bysh emphasized, “Consumer confidence is starting to rise again, so eCommerce and social commerce businesses are facing a fresh opportunity to grow – and we are ready to support them on that journey. Choosing the right fulfillment partner is foundational to online retail success, and our latest round of growth figures show that we are delivering for our customers time and time again.”

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