Introducing Ôsalé Plage: The New Swimwear Brand Bringing Ibiza Vibes to Your Wardrobe

*Aliya Wilkinson, the CEO of swimwear label Ôsalé Plage, has been on a whirlwind journey since the brand’s inception in 2022. In the past 12 months, she has transformed her dream into reality, crafting a vibrant collection of swimwear that captures the essence of Ibiza. Here’s a closer look at this exciting new brand and its founder’s mission to blend quality, style, and sustainability.

A Splash of Ibiza:

Aliya Wilkinson’s deep-rooted connection to Ibiza has inspired every aspect of her swimwear brand. Born and raised on this Mediterranean island, she yearned to recapture the carefree spirit of her childhood through her designs. Ôsalé Plage, a clever play on the French words for “salty water,” pays homage to her bilingual upbringing and her family’s decades-long love affair with the island.

Designing for Comfort and Versatility:

While Ibiza’s party scene and resort wear served as creative touchpoints, Aliya prioritizes functionality and comfort in her designs. Each piece in the collection combines underwiring for support, waist and backside ruching for a flattering fit, and a variety of styles to suit diverse body shapes. The result is swimwear that effortlessly transitions from poolside to the beach bar, and even to everyday wear.

A Sustainable Approach:

Aliya emphasizes luxury, quality, and longevity as the cornerstones of sustainability in swimwear. Rather than overwhelming customers with frequent collections, Ôsalé Plage focuses on producing 50 pieces of each item while maintaining a commitment to unique drops. Aliya envisions a future where customers return year after year to wear their beloved Ôsalé Plage swimsuits.

From Big Brands to Independent Venture:

Aliya’s journey from designing for a prominent European swimwear brand to launching her independent label was driven by her desire for a more hands-on and holistic approach to design. Her previous experience in smaller boutiques gave her a profound appreciation for being involved in every stage of the creative process, from wholesale to customer interactions.

A Global Perspective:

Ôsalé Plage’s allure isn’t limited to Ibiza; the brand’s first buyers hailed from the Bahamas and Florida. The vibrant colors and beachy vibes resonate with customers in sunny locales, making it a natural choice for boutiques in those regions.

Finding Ôsalé Plage:

For those in the UK seeking Ôsalé Plage, it can be found in select boutiques in Cheshire and London. Aliya recommends experiencing the swimwear in person to fully appreciate the intricate details and quality.

Words of Wisdom:

Aliya’s entrepreneurial journey hasn’t been without its challenges, but she offers straightforward advice to aspiring businesspeople: gather experience, listen, and carefully select your collaborators. With a focused vision and a growing team, Aliya envisions a bright future for Ôsalé Plage.

The Path Forward:

Despite her brand’s success in a short time, Aliya remains grounded and aims to continue growing Ôsalé Plage. Her commitment to quality and sustainability, combined with her unique designs, paints a promising picture for this emerging swimwear label.

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