John Lewis and Waitrose Slash Prices on Period Products: A Step Towards Affordability

In a significant move that resonates with customers, retail giants John Lewis and Waitrose have unveiled a substantial reduction in the prices of period underwear. The joint initiative involves a price cut of 20 percent, marking a notable step towards enhancing accessibility to essential sanitary products.

Retailers Unite Behind “Say Pants to the Tax” Campaign:
Both John Lewis and Waitrose have now aligned themselves with the ongoing “Say Pants to the Tax” campaign within the industry. This collective effort seeks to alleviate the burden of Value Added Tax (VAT) on customers, thereby promoting affordability and inclusivity in the realm of period products.

Wider Variety at Reduced Rates:
As part of this initiative, more than 30 diverse types of period underwear will be subject to lowered prices, commencing in the upcoming week. This move represents a conscious effort to extend cost benefits to customers across a range of preferences and requirements.

Retailers Express Their Commitment:
John Lewis has underscored the ethical rationale behind this action, stating that it aligns with their core values and reflects their commitment to aiding customers in economizing on essential sanitary products. Nicki Baggott, the sanitary products buyer at Waitrose, affirmed the decision by emphasizing the sensible categorization of period underwear as a period product, and its potential to contribute to cost savings on everyday necessities.

Campaign Gathers Momentum:
The genesis of the “Say Pants to the Tax” campaign can be traced back to Marks & Spencer and the period underwear brand WUKA, who initiated this movement earlier in the month. Notably, supermarket giants Tesco and M&S have already vocalized their intentions to curtail prices on their respective period underwear offerings.

Collective Appeal for Change:
A significant collaborative effort has taken shape with a public letter signed by 70 entities, including notable names such as Sainsbury’s, Primark, and Mountain Warehouse. This joint appeal urges the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Victoria Atkins, to reclassify period underwear as a period product, thereby fostering a more equitable pricing framework.

The strategic decision by John Lewis and Waitrose to substantially slash prices on period underwear emerges as a commendable stride towards making essential sanitary products more affordable. By joining the “Say Pants to the Tax” movement, these retailers not only reflect the evolving landscape of consumer priorities but also position themselves as allies in the pursuit of inclusive and economical solutions.

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