Legal Analyst Urges Pretrial Detention for Donald Trump


Renowned legal analyst Glenn Kirschner has expressed concerns regarding the safety of witnesses and the judiciary, advocating for the pretrial detention of former President Donald Trump. Kirschner, a former US Army prosecutor and current MSNBC legal analyst, asserted that Trump’s actions pose a danger to the community and called for judges to address this issue promptly.

Kirschner’s Warning

In an exclusive interview with SiriusXM, Glenn Kirschner emphasized the potential threat Donald Trump represents and the urgent need for judicial intervention. Kirschner voiced his apprehensions, stating, “Concerning the demonstrated threat that Donald Trump poses to witnesses, jurors, prosecutors, judges, and their families, I am worried that the judges have not yet taken action to address this issue.”

Trump’s Impact

Kirschner highlighted the reach of Donald Trump’s influence and the fervor of his supporters, describing them as being at times “detached from reality” and comparing their allegiance to a “cult.” He stressed the importance of restraining Trump, saying, “Donald Trump poses a threat to the community, and I hope the judges eventually recognize this. If they do, the threat will start to diminish because, among other things, you will take away his loudspeaker. We will probably talk about that in the upcoming months, in my opinion.”

Targeted Attacks

The legal analyst’s concerns are not without reason, as Donald Trump has consistently launched social media attacks against prosecutors such as special counsel Jack Smith, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, Letitia James, the attorney general of New York, and Fani Willis, the district attorney of Fulton County. These attacks have raised alarms within the legal community.

Ongoing Investigation

In a troubling development, Georgia officials announced in August that they are investigating threats made against grand jurors who indicted Trump and 18 others last month. This underscores the urgency of addressing the safety concerns raised by Glenn Kirschner.


Glenn Kirschner’s call for pretrial detention for Donald Trump underscores the growing concern regarding the former president’s impact on the legal process. As discussions continue about the best course of action, it remains a critical issue for the justice system to address.

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