President Biden Explains His Visit to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

President Joe Biden clarifies his visit to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, citing security upgrades at his Wilmington home as the reason for his stay.

President Joe Biden, in an impromptu interaction with reporters on Sunday in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, addressed the speculation surrounding his recent visit to the coastal town. He clarified that his stay in Rehoboth Beach was due to ongoing security enhancements at his primary residence in Wilmington, Delaware, rather than a vacation.

No Place Like Home?

President Biden, known for splitting his time between the White House on weekdays and Delaware on weekends, stated, “I have no home to go to.” This assertion stemmed from the fact that his primary residence in Wilmington, Delaware, has been undergoing security upgrades to enhance its safety.

Delaware Bound

The President, who had originally planned to spend Labor Day weekend in Delaware, altered his plans after Hurricane Idalia struck. Instead, he traveled to Rehoboth Beach on Saturday night after inspecting hurricane damage in Florida. His brief stay in Rehoboth Beach was necessitated by the ongoing security work in Wilmington.

Clearing Misconceptions

When questioned about whether he was implying that he was homeless, President Biden promptly clarified, “I’m not homeless, no. I just have one residence. I live in a lovely house. I can’t go home, so I’m down here for the day.”

Future Engagements

President Biden is set to travel to Philadelphia on Monday to address an AFL-CIO rally, highlighting his commitment to workers’ rights and labor issues.

In recent times, President Biden has faced criticism from the Republican National Committee for his weekend trips away from the White House. However, his explanation regarding his current stay in Rehoboth Beach dispels any confusion about his housing situation.

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