Nurse Lucy Letby’s Disturbing Presence at Christening Raises Concerns

Haunting Photo Emerges of Nurse Linked to Infant Deaths

Published on September 1, 2023

A chilling photograph has emerged, depicting Lucy Letby, the nurse convicted of murdering seven babies and attempting to murder seven more, attending the christening of an infant she’s suspected of killing. The unsettling image has raised serious questions about her conduct and interactions with the young patients.

Emily Morris, Mother of Deceased Infant Alvin, Demands Investigation

Emily Morris, whose one-month-old son, Alvin, tragically passed away in 2013 while being treated at the Countess of Chester Hospital, is now urging the authorities to re-examine Letby’s involvement in her child’s case. Alvin’s untimely demise occurred within the same hospital ward where Lucy Letby was employed.

The Disturbing Photograph

The eerie photo shows Letby leaning over the newborn baby, who is being held by his mother, Emily Morris. Letby is seen adjusting the bedding in the baby’s pram, raising concerns about her actions during the christening.

A Troubling Message in the Christening Book

In yet another unsettling revelation, it has been reported that Letby left a message in Alvin’s christening book that read, “To Alvin, with love on your special day.” Emily Morris expressed her discomfort with Letby’s behavior, stating that the nurse repeatedly wanted to touch and interact with Alvin during his hospitalization.

Emily Morris Reacts to the Photo

Emily Morris, upon seeing the unearthed photograph, expressed her shock and revulsion, stating, “It’s really hard, to see a person who has done that to those babies next to you. It makes you sick. You can see she is grabbing his blanket. I have told everybody that she did that and now there’s proof. That’s proof that she was with him.”

Calls for a Thorough Investigation

Emily Morris has formally requested that the police re-examine the evidence surrounding her son’s death, as she was informed in 2018 that there were no suspicious circumstances. Cheshire Constabulary has stated its commitment to conducting a comprehensive investigation into Lucy Letby’s entire period of employment as a nurse.

A Statement from Cheshire Constabulary

Detective Superintendent Paul Hughes of Cheshire Constabulary stated, “This investigation remains ongoing, through a transparent and open-minded process. The families of all babies, who are part of this investigation, have been informed and are supported. We will of course provide a more detailed update when we can.”

Turning the Inquiry into a Statutory Investigation

Health Secretary Steve Barclay has announced that the inquiry into Lucy Letby’s crimes will now be granted statutory status. This move will provide the inquiry with legal powers to compel witnesses, including former and current staff of the Countess of Chester Hospital Trust, to provide evidence.

Mr. Barclay emphasized, “The crimes committed by Lucy Letby are truly harrowing, and my thoughts remain with the families of her victims. This statutory public inquiry will aim to give the families the answers they need and ensure lessons are learned.”

As the investigation unfolds, questions regarding Lucy Letby’s actions and her involvement in the tragic deaths of infants continue to trouble the community.

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