Robison Stands Firm Against Calls for Unified Pro-Independence Candidate in By-Election

Deputy First Minister of Scotland, Shona Robison, rejects the proposal for a single pro-independence candidate in Rutherglen and Hamilton West by-election.


Scotland’s political landscape has witnessed a heated debate over the strategy for the upcoming by-election in Rutherglen and Hamilton West. Deputy First Minister Shona Robison has firmly dismissed the notion of fielding a unified pro-independence candidate, setting the stage for a competitive contest in the constituency.

Calls for Unity Rejected

Former First Minister and Alba Party leader, Alex Salmond, expressed concerns that a fragmented pro-independence vote could lead to unfavorable outcomes for the cause. However, Deputy First Minister Robison remained resolute in her stance, underlining the Scottish National Party’s (SNP) commitment to presenting its distinct proposition and policies to the constituents.

SNP’s Proposition and Policies

While addressing journalists in Hamilton, Robison emphasized that the SNP would stand as the sole representative in the upcoming by-election. She highlighted the significance of electing a hardworking MP who can advocate for the SNP’s progressive policies, including the Scottish Child Payment. Robison’s confidence in candidate Katy Loudon’s ability to effectively champion the party’s values was evident as she rejected the proposition of a single pro-independence candidate.

Alba Party’s Perspective

Salmond, on the other hand, proposed a unified approach for future general elections. He suggested that SNP should rally behind a single pro-independence candidate in each constituency, aiming to present a united front against other parties. He called for a coordinated strategy, warning against the consequences of dividing the pro-independence vote.

Labor’s Campaign and Critique

Amidst the political discourse, Scottish Labor embarked on a “super Saturday” campaign in Rutherglen and Hamilton West, focusing on hope and a fresh start. Party leader Anas Sarwar criticized the SNP for running a negative campaign and stoking division. Labor’s campaign centered on promises of change, addressing the cost of living crisis, and safeguarding the National Health Service (NHS).


As the by-election in Rutherglen and Hamilton West approaches, the divergence of opinions on the strategy for pro-independence representation remains a prominent feature of the political landscape. With Deputy First Minister Shona Robison standing firmly against the calls for a unified candidate, the stage is set for a competitive and significant electoral battle.

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