Starfield Unveils Seamless Planetary Exploration Upon Touchdown


In a significant revelation, Bethesda’s upcoming game, Starfield, promises players an unprecedented level of planetary exploration as soon as they touch down on a celestial body. This revelation, straight from the mouth of Starfield’s lead Pete Hines, has ignited fresh excitement among gaming enthusiasts.

Confirmation from Bethesda:

Earlier today, Pete Hines, a prominent figure at Bethesda, utilized Twitter to address a crucial inquiry pertaining to the extent of planetary exploration. The question posed whether it would be possible to explore an entire planet immediately upon landing. Hines, in his response, dispelled any uncertainty by affirming that players, upon successfully landing their spacecraft on a planet’s surface, will be able to embark on their exploration right away.

Seamless Exploration, Not Without Transitions:

Hines’s affirmation, however, should not be misconstrued to imply the absence of loading screens or cinematic transitions. The Starfield Direct presentation earlier this year unveiled the presence of cutscenes during both take-off and landing sequences on planets. This implies that players won’t experience a seamless flight directly to or from a chosen planet. Nevertheless, Hines’s assertion likely indicates the absence of gameplay obstacles obstructing players from instantly exploring a planet upon landing. There won’t be any prerequisite tasks like surveying the terrain before setting foot on it.

A Contrast with Star Wars Outlaws:

Interestingly, Star Wars Outlaws offers a contrasting experience compared to Starfield regarding space-to-planet transitions. Ubisoft Massive’s creation ensures uninterrupted transitions between space travel and planetary exploration, free from any intervening cutscenes. This serves as an intriguing point of comparison for enthusiasts of both titles.

A Word of Caution Ahead of Launch:

While this detail about Bethesda’s Starfield might seem minor, an important cautionary note is in order. Starfield has, notably, broken its street date ahead of its official launch on September 6 (and even earlier, on September 1 for early access players). As a result, gameplay footage has already proliferated across the internet. Caution is advised for individuals who wish to avoid potential spoilers related to plot developments and other intricacies.

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