Technical Glitch Disrupts Vodafone and EE Services in the UK

Customers at Vodafone and EE face connectivity issues as a technical problem hampers calls and texts.


A technical malfunction at EE, one of the prominent phone networks in the UK, has triggered disruptions in communication services for its customers. The consequences of this issue are not limited to EE alone, as it has had a cascading effect on Vodafone customers and those associated with various other networks.

The Disruption

The technical problem at EE has led to a scenario where Vodafone customers and users on other networks are unable to initiate calls or send text messages to phone numbers registered with EE. This glitch even affects individuals who have previously transferred their phone numbers from EE to other networks, even if they are no longer with EE.

Vodafone’s Response

Vodafone acknowledged the complaints on Down Detector and similar tracking platforms but clarified that the issue was not within its network infrastructure. They attributed the problem to EE’s infrastructure and expressed hope that it would be resolved swiftly. Vodafone reported that this situation has hindered some of its customers from connecting calls to EE numbers.

EE’s Statement

EE, in its response, confirmed that the issue was specific to Vodafone numbers. They assured customers that calls to and from other networks, mobile data, and text messages remain unaffected. EE expressed apologies for any inconvenience caused and emphasized their commitment to resolve the matter promptly.

Impact on Other Networks

While the issue primarily concerns Vodafone and EE, some users on other networks, including Virgin Mobile, O2, and Three, have reported difficulties in making calls as well. The problem lies in the way ported numbers function in the UK’s phone infrastructure. Even after transferring a number to a different network, it retains its original prefix, briefly routing calls through the previous network’s infrastructure.

When Did the Problems Start?

The disruptions became apparent on a Monday afternoon in the UK, with customers reporting various unusual problems. Some Vodafone users could call others on the same network but were unable to connect with users on different providers. Remarkably, data and internet connections continued to operate without any noticeable issues.

Scope of the Issue

The problem was widespread across the UK, with areas such as London, Manchester, and Edinburgh experiencing more pronounced disruptions. However, this could be attributed to the concentration of customers in these areas.

Vodafone’s Position

Vodafone, with 18 million customers in the UK across mobile and fixed-line services, ranks as the third-largest mobile operator in the country, following O2 and EE. The company is currently in the process of merging with Three, with the aim of enhancing coverage and reliability, particularly in internet services.

Previous Outages

This incident follows a significant outage Vodafone experienced in April, which affected its home broadband customers. Vodafone clarified that this outage impacted only one percent of its customer base.

In Summary

A technical malfunction at EE has disrupted communication services for Vodafone and other network users, affecting calls and text messages. While EE is working to resolve the issue, it remains an inconvenience for many customers across the UK.

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